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Would You Like a Ridonculous Race Competition in the Total Drama Universal Restraints Inn series? 

34 deviants said Yes
5 deviants said No
Hey peeps. Looks like I have to do a tiebreaker again. This time, it's between three options, which, of course, were the only three options people actually bothered choosing (one person suggested blinding the girls with tape, but nobody else gave a crap). The first option is BDSM Hoods. There are a whole variety of BDSM hoods out there, which I believe will tempt many towards the option. Also, I guess there's a sexual appeal to hidden identities, I mean even the hoods that show the entire face hides the hair depending on whether you have to stuff it in or not. The second option is having the girls gag kiss. It'll take a little position work to get this in, but whatevs. My 2nd most popular 2015 pic was of Heather and Gwen gag-kissing, so I guess it's anyone's game. Lastly, there's the option of tickling the girls' feet. This one will be challenging to incorporate. Not only would position work have to be done, but I also may need to do something with Kitty seeing as how some people liked her appearance and wanted to keep her in. And no, there will be no licking. As usual, first to five votes win.

Hoods: 1
Gag Kiss: 5
Tickling their feet: 4


Artwork (Note Me First)
I do a variety of stuff, mostly for the Total Drama series and art style. If you plan on commissioning me, either hold your points until I get your commission done or use the donation box instead. Seriously, I cannot give full refunds if people use this widget.

Note: The price listed is for colored pictures regardless of whether a background is used or not. The examples provided are pieces made for various target audiences.

Note: Once again... Don't. Touch. This. Widget. Use. The. Donation. Box.


No! Bad Mom!
So yeah, I wanted to do something with Kelly from The Ridonculous Race. I decided to draw one of the ideas x--from--x requested, which involves one girl being surprised upon seeing either her mom, daughter, or best friend bound while wearing a rubber outfit. Because of this, I added Taylor. Taylor is clearly surprised, but knowing Taylor's personality, she's also disgusted by her mom's display.

Fun Fact 1: I wanted to go for the rubber maid bit because why not?

Fun Fact 2: Though I imagined Taylor's bedroom being rather girly, I added purple to avoid making the room look too pink.

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At the Daemon Wing nursery, Blaineley woke up in her crib. Blaineley sat up and stretched. Blaineley peeked out of her crib, seeing if any domme would come for her. Sure enough, a domme took Blaineley out of the crib and carried Blaineley over her shoulder.

“Morning, Blaineley,” said the domme. “You'll be fed by a special guest today.” The domme took Blaineley away from the crib. The domme walked a few meters with Blaineley in her arms; soon, the domme handed Blaineley over to another girl.

“Hello, Blaineley.”

Blaineley looked up to see who was feeding her. Before her very eyes, Blaineley saw Kitty. Blaineley got her pacifier gag removed, she greeted Kitty. “Hey, Kitty. How did you get here?”

“The hotel gave me an option to feed one of the 'babies' at the inn.” Kitty gave Blaineley her bottle. “Drink up, Blaineley.”

Blaineley gently drank from the bottle. Blaineley moaned softly in pleasure as she sucked on the bottle. As soon as Blaineley was finished, Kitty put Blaineley over her shoulder and patted Blaineley's back until she burped.

“Hey, what milk is this by the way?” Kitty asked.

“Breast milk,” Blaineley replied.

“Thank you, Blaineley.” Kitty gave Blaineley a hug.

“Aww... You're welcome, Kitty.”

In a confessional, Kitty talked about her time with Blaineley. “Oh my gosh! Blaineley looks adorable in baby clothes! Too bad Bridgette's not in the game; those girls looked super adorable when they spent time with each other at the Angel Wing.”

At the Angel Wing, a pair of nurses fed Heather's mom and Carrie pancakes and sausages. During meal time, Heather's mom and Carrie decided to have a nice chat.

“So... Rachel,” Carrie asked. “How is your relationship with Heather?”

“Well, Heather is pretty mean at times,” Heather's mom replied. “Even so, I still love her.”

“That's neat.”

“There are times when Heather and I engaged in BDSM sessions.”

Carrie raised an eyebrow. “Really?”

“Yep. I am a submissive girl, so I was usually Heather's slave. Heather's number one slave is her cute girlfriend Lindsay. Sometimes, Lindsay and I would serve our mistress together.”

“Wow... Some life, huh?”


As soon as Heather's mom and Carrie finished breakfast, the nurses helped them out of the table. Soon, one of the nurses walked out, only to bring Heather in.

“Um... That's your mistress?”

“Well... Heather had a desire for submission and became one of the Inn's most loyal slaves. Whenever she isn't dominated, Heather would spend some of her spare time eating someone out.”

“You mean...” Carrie blinked twice. “Heather enjoys cunnilingus?”


“So,” Heather said, wiggling in her tight bolero straitjacket. “Who's going first?”

An unnerved Carrie slowly raised her hand. “I-i-i can...”

“Very well.” Heather let the nurse unhook her from her leash. “Sit down and spread your legs, Carrie.”

“Okay...” Carrie spread out her legs for Heather.

Heather approached Carrie. Heather then knelt in front of her blonde victim. She bent over and began eating Carrie out.

“Don't forget mommy, Heather,” Rachel scooted her way under Heather's legs. Soon, she began to eat Heather out.

Heather, along with her mom and Carrie, moaned as they engaged in a three-way oral session. Heather ate Carrie out while letting her mom nibble on her own cooch. Heather's mom soon began licking her daughter's pussy, much to her pleasure. Eventually, Carrie fed Heather some cum while Heather fed her mom.

In a confessional, Heather talked about her session with her mom and Carrie. “You really thought this competition would go without oral sex from yours truly?”

At the Maximum Security facility, Rachel sat in her cell. Rachel couldn't do much but moan as the suit's massage mechanisms massaged Rachel's entire body.

The scene switched to a confessional, which had Rachel explain her experience in Maximum Security. “Okay, let me get this straight. Get it? 'Cause this place has a strange thing for straitjackets?” Rachel chuckled at her bad joke. “Anyway, I was bound in a ten-kilo canvas straitjacket suit and locked in an empty padded cell for twenty hours. Twenty hours... In a padded cell... in full-enclosure bondage... As for my experience, I was fed some sort of honey-based aphrodisiac, which made me feel as horny as a drugged Playmate for a couple hours. After dinner, my entire body became sensitive to tickles for three hours. I slept in the heavy suit, and I have to say that wearing that thing was like wearing two or three sleeved blankets on your naked body for eight hours straight. Talk about a day in exile.”

The confession cam then switched to Gwen, who provided some insight on the inn's Maximum Security facility. “The maximum security facility is a part of the inn that many newbies wouldn't know about, mainly since it was never mentioned on any commercial advertisements for the inn. Basically, it goes like this.” As Gwen spoke, Gwen tallied up the Maximum Security facility's features by using her fingers. “One, you're bound in a thick straitjacket suit made out of sturdy canvas, nanites, and molecular fibers; at least that's what Ellody told me about the suit. Two, you're locked in a standard-issue padded cell. Three, you'll either feel the suit massage your whole body, privates included; or you'll be subjected to experiments focusing on either new products, product upgrades, or bug fixes. That's what Rachel noticed when she volunteered herself for exile; however, what Rachel didn't know is how the Maximum Security suit worked. Allow me to demonstrate.” Gwen grabbed a Maximum Security suit and put her legs into the suit's leggings. She then put her arms into the sleeves before calling a domme over. “Hey, turn on the translator before you strap me up, will ya, guys?” While Gwen waited, the domme bound Gwen into the suit's first layer and then the second layer.

Once Gwen was bound into the suit, the translator got to work. “As you see, this is really the suit's standard mode, which is the only way to get in and out of the suit. The suit has several different forms. Each form can be accessed when your inner desires communicate with the suit as long as the hood is on. Like so.” Gwen changed the suit to what appeared to be a Zero Suit. “This is the suit's Minimum mode. It got its name because not only is it largely unrestrictive, but it also hides a lot of skin.” Gwen then transformed her suit into a white blouse, a black skirt, and a sailor-ish collar. “This is the Serafuku mode, mainly due to the appearance of the typical Japanese schoolgirl uniform.” Gwen then changed into what appeared to be a thickly padded catsuit. “This is the Soft mode. Here, you're bound in a thickly-padded catsuit and gagged with a soft, thickly-padded muzzle gag.” Gwen's suit transformed into a head harness gag, an armbinder, a series of chains wound around her body in some form of body harness and shackles. “This is the Feisty mode, which is really kinky. Basically, your naked body gets exposed, and you're bound in chains, an armbinder, and a harness gag.” Gwen's suit then transformed into a straitjacket, a hood with a mouth opening, and a set of straps around her legs. “This is looney mode. The name fits the outfit worn in the mode.” Gwen's suit then changed into a onesie with a pacifier gag, and a baby bonnet. “This is the baby form. I'm not wearing a diaper, so I wouldn't look 100% like a baby in this form. The suit does have a compartment that allows for diaper changing, just like any onesie.” Gwen's suit then changed into what appears to be the straitjacket CC wore. “This is the Anime mode, which can also be referred to as the CC or Shi Tsu (シー・ツー) mode due to a striking resemblance to the straitjacket CC wore.” The suit then changed into a ball gown, a jewel-lined straitjacket, and a open-faced hood that lets her short hair flow out. In her mouth, Gwen had a ring gag. “This is the Princess mode. It's rather dainty if you ask me.” Gwen finally changed her suit into a ring gag, a hood with mouth opening, a bolero straitjacket, and a pair of ballet boots. “Finally, this is the Slut mode. Heather had the liberty to be the first girl to test this mode due to her love for oral sex.” Gwen laughed through the gag. “Thank goodness I had a translator on, otherwise, nobody would understand me. So yeah, that's how the suit works.”

After Gwen's lengthy confessional, the camera switched back to Rachel's ordeal. A nurse entered Rachel's cell. She took Rachel's suit off, allowing her to stretch after the lengthy period of full-enclosure bondage.

“Man..,” Rachel said. “I really needed a taste of freedom.”

“Don't expect too much freedom, Rachel.” The nurse cuffed Rachel's hands and feet. Once Rachel is chained up, the nurse took Rachel out of her cell.

The nurse and Rachel took an elevator. Soon, the pair arrived at a floor Rachel didn't see before. Rachel noticed a padded pyramidlike structure. Atop the structure, her fellow competitors, save for the recently-eliminated Amy, stood on the structure waiting for Rachel to join them. A crane grabbed Rachel and took her to the top of the pyramid. Soon, Ira himself began to talk about the challenge.

“Greetings, girls. This challenge is gonna be a rough one.” Ira cleared his throat. “Here's a little variation to a childhood game called 'King of the Hill.' You are to 'claim' this structure by pushing the opposing team off. Don't worry about fall damage; the rolling damage may be more worrisome. There are safety nets installed around the structure, so should you fall, you will be caught unharmed. First to five 'takeovers' wins.”

“Alright, girls,” Staci said. “This is gonna get serious...”

“And... go!”

“Get into position. 3-5-3. Go go go!”

With Staci's plan in action, the Seraphim split up; three went to the left, three went to the right, and the remaining five went down the middle.

“Just get em'!” Sugar shouted.

The Devils went against the Seraphim in an unorganized formation. Due to the lack of organization, the Devils were pushed off one-by-one by the Seraphim. Once only Sugar was left, the remaining Seraphim gathered together and pushed the repulsive titan off the pyramid.

“There's one point for the Seraphim.” Ira tallied the score. “Now, my nurses... Give these girls a little more bondage...”

“Right away, Magnum Master.” A pair of nurses then decided to replace the handcuffs of the Seraphim with yokes, effectively keeping their arms from reaching out.

“Umm..,” Gwen asked despite not being a Seraph. “What's with the yokes?”

“That's to 'weaken' the team who scored a point,” Ira answered. “It reduces the chance of a winning streak.”

“Well, that's one way to make up for their number advantage.”

The members of the Devils are hoisted back onto the pyramid by a set of cranes. Once finished, the match resumed.

“Okay, girls,” Ellody said. “That rash move cost us one point, but we could do this, just as long as we--”

“Shut up, nerd!” Sugar shouted, casually pushing Heather and Lindsay off the pyramid. “Who needs a stinkin' game plan when you got muscle?”

Ellody scoffed. “I'll have you know, the only reason why you were safe was because I didn't vote you out.” Ellody pushed Emily off the pyramid. “Unlike you, Amy was undeniably lazy.”

“Let's stop arguing and start pushing.” Gwen tried pushing against Denise, but she failed and fell off the pyramid.

“Well, I guess it's me against you and Sugar, Ellody,” Denise said, running toward Ellody.

“May the best girl win...” Ellody began to push back against Denise.

Denise and Ellody wrestled against each other. After a bit of wrestling, Ellody pushed Denise to the side and off the pyramid.

In a confessional, Denise talked about her encounter with Ellody. “Wow... Victoria was right when she said there'd be fierce competitors in Total Drama's heavy roster.”

Back at the scene, the score added up to an even 1-1. The Seraphs and the Devils are bound in the same restraints once more. Both teams once again struggled for the win. Despite the Seraph's best efforts, the Devils managed to secure another point.

“Well, girls,” Ira said. “Grab the armbinders.”

The nurses brought a set of armbinders to the Devils. They released each team member from their yokes, only to bind them in the armbinders. Once all members of the Devils were bound, the match was ready to resume.

“I wonder how we'll be tied up at the end,” Laurie said.

“Only one way to find out...” Sugar ran towards a distracted Kitty and knocked her over football-player style.

Fortunately for the Seraphs, Rachel spun one full rotation and headbutted Sugar off the pyramid.

“Ooh!” Ira shouted. “Rachel McLean just pulled a 360 no scope on Sugar!”

It was down to Rachel and Megan. Rachel ran up to Megan. Megan, however, just stood there. Once Rachel got close enough, Megan performed a leg sweep and tripped Rachel, causing her to fall off the pyramid.

“Well, it's Devils 3, Seraphs 1. Looks like it's time for the Devils to lose their arm mobility altogether.”

Each member of the Devils was outfitted with straitjackets. With the Devil's arms becoming useless, the Seraphs knew their time would come. Despite the disadvantages put against the Devils, Sugar was still a threat to the Seraphs. Near the end of the next round, it was down to Sugar and both Rachels: Rachel McLean and Heather's mom. Rachel and Heather's mom pushed against Sugar with all their might. Eventually, both girls succeeded, pushing Sugar off the pyramid and earning their team a second point and 11 armbinders.

“Well, the current score is 3-2 now. Let's see who makes it on top and who gets eliminated.”

The girls went at it once more. One by one, the Seraphs and the Devils were pushed off the pyramid. Eventually, it was down to Staci and Sugar. Staci and Sugar wrestled against each other.

“You might know everything you're going to do, but I know everything you're going to do!” Staci said in a confident tone. “Strange, isn't it?”

A ticked-off Sugar stepped aside, causing Staci to accidentally run off the edge and fall.

“Girls, I believe it's time.”

A nurse pushed a cart filled with Maximum Security suits.

“Maximum Security suits?” Gwen asked. “Wouldn't knowledge of the suit make everything unfair for the other team?”

“That's the thing, Gwen,” Ira replied, watching as Gwen and her teammates are bound into the suits. “These aren't URI Maximum Security suits. These are the highest-quality knockoffs available on the market. The only major difference between these knockoffs and the real deal is that those suits are completely inanimate; in other words, they cannot transform.”

As soon as the Devils are put into the knockoff suits, the girls who were knocked off the pyramid were put back on top of the pyramid.

“Okay, Seraphim!” Ira shouted. “It's match point for the Devils! If you lose the round, then you lose the challenge!”

Soon, everyone went at it once again. To the Seraphim's advantage, most of the Devils fumbled around from the forced blindness. Some, like Ellody and Laurie, walked off the pyramid due to the lack of eyesight. A few girls, like Gwen and Megan, were capable of instinctively going for their targets while blinded by their suits. Even so, they were severely outnumbered and were pushed off the pyramid by the Seraphim.

Once the Seraphim were bound into straitjackets. Before the round, Gwen had a group meeting with her team. “Whmmtever ymm dm, dm nmmt rmmly mn eyesmmt,” Gwen said. “Use ymmr mmstmmcts.”

Soon, the Devils went back into action; this time being more competent. Using their touch and smell, the Devils managed to start pushing the Seraphim off the pyramid. Even so, the Devils kept losing members; soon, it was down to Sugar, Heather, and Lindsay. Sugar charged at Heather like a bull. Lindsay got in front of Heather and began to push against Sugar. Despite her efforts she, along with Heather, got pushed off by Sugar.

“The Devils won the challenge!”

The Devils cheered upon learning about their victory.


The Devils paused upon hearing Ira's next statement.

“You girls will have to choose one member to exile. Who will it be, girls?”

The now-unbound Devils communicated among one-another. “Sugar!” they nearly ubiquitously responded.

“Very well...” Ira snapped his fingers. “That bitch was rather brutal anyway.”

The nurses brought out a real Maximum Security suit for Sugar. They grabbed Sugar and stuffed her into the thick suit. Despite Sugar's violent struggled, the nurses managed to put her into the suit. Once Sugar was fully bound, a nurse tasered Sugar before taking her out of the area.

“As for you, Seraphim... It's time to vote a member out...”

At the Daemon Wing, the Seraphim took part in the elimination ceremony.

“Girls... It's time to send someone home. It can either be someone who's strong or weak... Either way, let's get this over with.” Ira began tossing cheese cubes to the Seraphim. “Denise, Beth, Rachel, Older Rachel, Heather, Lindsay, Staci, Zoey, and Kitty.”

Oh god.., Carrie thought. Looks like this is it...

“Carrie. You may have a crush on Devin, but that alone technically cost you your focus on the competition... And Emily... Your lack of Universal Restraints Inn experience made you a bit of a flop... And so... the final cheese cube goes to..... Emily!”

“Huh?” Carrie watched as Emily caught the last cheese cube. “But I tried my best... I really did...”

“I understand, Carrie, but sometimes, it just might not be enough.”

Carrie was bound into a Devin-themed straitjacket, a pair of ballet boots, a panel gag, and a full-enclosure hood before being taken out of the Daemon Wing. Ira watched as the nurses gave Carrie a package of restraints and took her out.

“Looks like a blonde sweetheart couldn't survive the Inn's competitive environment,” Ira announced. “I guess the lone wolf deal didn't work out for Carrie. Who will go home next? Tune in next time on Total... Drama... Bondage Tour!”

TDURI3 Chapter 3: Queens of the Hill
So yeah, here's the third chapter of TDURI3. Here, the contestants face off in a king of the hill challenge.

Fun Fact 1: I got this idea from SuichiTanaka in a note conversation I had with him. Originally it was a first-to-ten system, but I changed it to a first-to-five system. Either Suichi didn't plan the idea too well or I couldn't find a way to implement it. Either way, I knew the issues were at least partially my responsibility.

Fun Fact 2: I booted Carrie because I didn't think she'd really be a decent competitor in a Total Drama series as opposed to a Ridonculous Race season.

Rachel McLean belongs to SEGASister
Denise belongs to Shennanigma
Kazumi (not mentioned) belongs to Electra-Hearts
Jamiah (not mentioned) belongs to SimbaTimba
Natalie Rotation by Flashlight237
Natalie Rotation
So yeah, here's a little something I did. Here, we have astrallight's OC, Natalie, in a rotation sheet. It's one thing to make a rotation page of a canon character; it's another thing to make a rotation page of an OC, let alone from scratch.
Would You Like a Ridonculous Race Competition in the Total Drama Universal Restraints Inn series?
34 deviants said Yes
5 deviants said No
Emily by Flashlight237
This is a girl you might remember from the Total Drama Action finale. Here, we have the flight attendant, who was given the name "Emily" by kairi4evur. She's a cutie, isn't she?

Fun Fact 1: With the hat, Emily would be 334/337 Chris Mclean's height (Chris is 5'9" tall), or 5'8⅜”.

Fun Fact 2: Emily would be one of the few contestants who are older than the Total Drama cast in TDURI3. In this case, Emily would be at least 18 as of Total Drama Action, which took place in 2007 (as did Total Drama Island). This make her the youngest outlier contestant with a minimum age of age 24 (TDURI3 will take place in 2013), with other outlier contestants being Blaineley (who would be at least 25-27 years old) and the mothers of Gwen and Heather (who would be at least 40 years old).

Major Update: The Ridonculous Race's 3rd episode just revealed Emily's full-body design. Colors were changed accordingly and body was modified to fit reveal.

Update: Higher quality colors found. Lip shape and colors, hairline color, and emblem shape and color found. Also, nose is not round but straight.


Oldman from Bitsytalk
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