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I noticed that critiques are now offered for free, so I would like to see if this is true by reviewing your piece. 1. The left arm (Whi...

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I may have done a few critiques, but this one is one heck of a tough cookie to inspect. Here's what you may want to consider.: 1. I see...

So yeah, I was looking at my alternative gallery, and I decided to check a picture I uploaded on February. This was it.: RQ: Beach Blanket Bondage by Flashlight237Bondage

I looked at the fave count, and... Sweet Jesus! Over 250 faves? I dunno how it got that many, but I guess it's either the concept or the popularity of some of the people who faved this thing that may have gotten it this far. Kind of weird since I have better artwork in my gallery. The last pic that got more than 200 faves is a pic I uploaded on May 2012.: Straightened Contestants by Flashlight237

That picture took more than a year to hit the 200 mark. The beach picture I made was only 8 months old at the time I made this journal. While the improvement between these two pics are clearly visible, I could only believe that the popularity of both pics came from luck. Yep, luck. Normally, I would get somewhere between 30 to 50 faves for bondage pics and up to 20 faves for non-fetish pics. Long story short, I call hax.


Artwork (Note Me First)
I'm Gonna Bust Some Ghosts for Gwen! by Flashlight237
Asylum Patient Lindsay by Flashlight237
Preview: Heather's Latex Caterpillar by Flashlight237
They're Wondering Why They're Here by Flashlight237
I do a variety of stuff, mostly for the Total Drama series and art style. If you plan on commissioning me, either hold your points until I get your commission done or use the donation box instead. Seriously, I cannot give full refunds if people use this widget.

Note: The price listed is for colored pictures regardless of whether a background is used or not. The examples provided are pieces made for various target audiences.


Is Storm Ready For-- Oh Shit! by Flashlight237
Is Storm Ready For-- Oh Shit!
So yeah, I wanted to save this for Halloween, and since Halloween came, I decided to upload it now. Yeah, instead of Freddy Fazbear, Storm (again, Retro7's OC) is dealing with Trina Riffin from Grojband. No, Trina isn't a vampire. Trina is actually in the first stage of Diary Mode. The quote on top is the thing Trina said before attempting a fatality against Grojband in the episode "Dreamreaver." It was probably Trina's most terrifying quote in the series.
I looked up "The Pirates of Dark Water." Only 8 of the 13 Treasures of Rule were obtained? Hopefully someone could conclude the story.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)
    My relationship with Heather wasn't always the loveliest; in fact, I didn't trust Heather for two years. It all started back in Total Drama Island. I was in a bike race, which was one heck of an obstacle course. To my left, Owen and Duncan were on their bikes. To my right was Heather. I still remember the last plan Heather and I discussed.
    “Okay, so here's our strategy,” Heather said. “We have to stick together so one of us wins the race. So, you go first and clear a path through the mines, then go through the oil slick so I can see how to get through it. If you make it through those two parts, then the third part, then the third part is easy: just keep the piranhas busy while I sneak through.”
    I may be referred to as the Dumb Princess, but I still remembered that scheme to this day. I even took Heather's words for granted. I thought that Heather was really smart, and I was grateful that I had her as a friend. Boy, was I wrong. When the race started, I protected Heather like a guard dog keeping unwanted guests from its owner's house. When Chris decided to mess with the rules, things changed. Chris put me in last place since Owen and Duncan wiped out. I tried to gain Heather's sympathy, but Heather dropped the straw that broke the camel's back, and that camel was me.
    “It's not like we're gonna be best friends for life or anything.”
    I was shocked; I never thought Heather would do that to me. Then, shock turned to anger... no... I went totally apeshit. It wasn't me to flat out throw such a huge tantrum against anyone, and I've heard of the existence of someone even darker, but a month's worth of betrayal had hit me so hard that I didn't know what to do. I left the island, proud of myself for losing it. I thought that I would never want anything to do with Heather for the rest of my life...
But then, things changed...
    One day, during the year between Total Drama World Tour's finale and Total Drama Revenge of the Island's premiere, I sat in my bed while holding my collar in my left hand. I tried getting Tyler to dominate me, but he was too afraid to accept my request. I wanted to ask Duncan, but after what Courtney pulled on Duncan and Gwen, I didn't want to be the next person on Courtney's hit list.
    I gave up on asking a boy to dominate me, so I tried asking a girl to dominate me. I asked my BFF, Beth, but Beth didn't seem to like the idea of tying her friends up for sexual pleasure. I believed that Bridgette's relationship with Geoff was too strong for me to break, so I didn't ask her. There are a couple girls who did dominate me, though. The first girl to do so was Courtney. Courtney didn't let me negotiate with her, and she forced me to wear diapers for a week without my permission. After dealing with Courtmey, I asked Gwen. Gwen understood how a BDSM relationship works, but since Gwen was a switch, I didn't get that particular hint of lust. I had only one option left: I went to Dawn's house. I didn't know who Dawn was, but Beth told me where she lived. At Dawn's house, I had the conversation that began the rebirth: the rebirth of my friendship with Heather.
    “So, you're looking for a girl who could dominate you in a BDSM session?” Dawn asked.
    “Yes, Darwin,” I replied.
    “First off, my name is Dawn. Second, did you find anyone?”
    “Well, I found two girls. The first girl humiliated me, and I mean in a bad way. The second girl showed that she was a BDSM expert, but she wasn't purely dominative.”
    Dawn held her hand to her chin. “Mmm... I see. Let me look into your mind. Perhaps I could come up with a solution.”
    “Well, you're the psychic.”
    Dawn closed her eyes. She got into position and began to meditate. After a few minutes, Dawn said something that I never thought she would say.
    “I know who you're looking for.”
    After hearing Dawn's statement, I let out a big smile. “Really? Tell me. Tell me. Tell me.”
    “Well, after looking through the depths of your mind, it seems that you're looking for an Asian girl. She's five feet ten-and-a-half inches tall and has black hair that reaches her hips. Surprisingly, your relationship with this girl was in pretty bad shape for two years.”
    “You mean... I'm looking for--” I gasped. I had never thought that Heather would be my perfect match. I would argue with Dawn, but despite how strong my objection would have been, Dawn would've used my aura against me. That and I could never think critically if my life depended on it. “Where is Heather?”
    “The girl you seek is at the city park. She is sitting at a bench, watching a mother bird feed her babies a regurgitated worm. The park is not too far away from here; in fact, I go there every week. Just turn right after leaving through my front door and you'll reach the park after crossing three streets.”
    “Thank you, Dawn.”
    “No problem, Lindsay. I'll see you around.”
    “Okay, bye!”
    I left Dawn's house and went to the park. My heart and brain were telling me not to go back to Heather, but my pleasure garden was telling me to go for it. Upon meeting up with Heather, I didn't get a friendly greeting.
    “What do you want, Lindsiot?” Heather said with a grump.
    “Heather, there's something that I have to tell you.” I put my collar on Heather's lap.
    Heather looked at my collar. “What's this?”
    “It's my collar.” I sat next to Heather “Heather, I never thought I'd say this, but...” I bit my lower lip. My heart was fighting in an uphill battle against my pink canoe, but I had to say it. It was hard for me to let it out, but I managed to speak the truth. “You just turn me on. Sure, I couldn't stand you, but in my pussy, I feel that you're the one for me. I want to ask you a question... Will you dominate me for old time's sake?”
    Heather was surprised at my proposal, or I think it's a proposal. “Lindsay... Are you serious?”
    “Yes, Heather.” I nodded. “I'm dead serious.”
    “Lindsay, after all these years, I never thought you still had that feeling for me. If Chris hadn't changed the rules on you, I wouldn't have been so selfish. Thanks to Chris, I lost the only girl that could submit to me whenever I please. I haven't found the right opportunity to regret my decision to keep invincibility for myself, not even during Total Drama World Tour. For two years, I dragged my harsh words like a ball attached to a shackle. Now, I think I found the key that will release me from the ball I had to wear, and that key is you... Lindsay.” Heather picked up my collar and put it around my neck. “You may call me 'Mistress.'”
    I was touched by Heather's words. I didn't think that Heather would have feelings for me after her betrayal. I touched Heather's hand with my soft fingers and held it not much later. “Thank you, Heather.”
    “You're welcome, sweetie.”
    We got off the bench while holding each other's hands. There is more to tell, but I think it's too explicit for this website.
So yeah, this is a story I wrote. Here, you may learn how Heather and Lindsay became a couple, at least in my world.

Fun Fact: This part of the story lasts until I'm four-and-a-half inches through the fourth page. The complete story lasts until the second line of the eighth page.
Natalie by Flashlight237
Well, here's a reference of Duncan's mother. Really, has anyone touched her?

Fun Fact 1: It's no surprise that Duncan's mother looked like a Bridgette clone; the video clip featuring Duncan's parents depicted Duncan's mom as a Bridgette clone, as well.

Fun Fact 2: The coloring wasn't entirely accurate. The picture on the Total Drama wiki was grainy, plus the video clip was not available in high-def. Unless someone still has the episode featuring the clip (which is very unlikely if not impossible since people delete old recordings), there is no way possible to get an HD recording of the clip.

Fun Fact 3: I named Duncan's mother "Natalie" since Natalie Brown played the role of Matt Sayles's live-in girlfriend in The Strain. Drew Nelson was Matt Sayles.
Rachel by Flashlight237
Well, here's a reference of Heather's mother. Yeah, she's another rarity.

Fun Fact 1: Unlike Gwen's mother, I'm more accurate with the height of Heather's mother. Both Cameron and Heather's mother were standing in the same background, which allowed for a more accurate comparison.

Fun Fact 2: I believe that the hottest of the contestant's mothers are Heather's mother and Gwen's mother. I could not quite determine between the two.

Edit: Fixed the facial features. They needed a little touch-up.

Edit: Adjusted leg position and fixed torso angle. The reference should be in "As Seen on TV" condition.


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