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After somewhat thorough inspection with GIMP, I've encountered very few problems in the animation. It was quite phenomenal for a first ...

My Dream Look by FreakyGothChick

I noticed that critiques are now offered for free, so I would like to see if this is true by reviewing your piece. 1. The left arm (Whi...

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Daemon and Lauren: Werewolves by Loloflorio

I may have done a few critiques, but this one is one heck of a tough cookie to inspect. Here's what you may want to consider.: 1. I see...

So yeah, I was looking at my alternative gallery, and I decided to check a picture I uploaded on February. This was it.: RQ: Beach Blanket Bondage by Flashlight237Bondage

I looked at the fave count, and... Sweet Jesus! Over 250 faves? I dunno how it got that many, but I guess it's either the concept or the popularity of some of the people who faved this thing that may have gotten it this far. Kind of weird since I have better artwork in my gallery. The last pic that got more than 200 faves is a pic I uploaded on May 2012.: Straightened Contestants by Flashlight237

That picture took more than a year to hit the 200 mark. The beach picture I made was only 8 months old at the time I made this journal. While the improvement between these two pics are clearly visible, I could only believe that the popularity of both pics came from luck. Yep, luck. Normally, I would get somewhere between 30 to 50 faves for bondage pics and up to 20 faves for non-fetish pics. Long story short, I call hax.


The Status Update thing is kind of Twitter-y, but whatevs. To my Total Drama peeps, which of the girls would you believe is/are submissive?
OC Bio: Ruby by Flashlight237
OC Bio: Ruby
Here's another character :iconchrome933: and I developed. This is a fictional princess by the name Ruby, whose appearance was basically described as Renaissance!Gwen, hence her similarities to Gwen herself. Unoriginal design, yeah, but we planned on having these girls as counterparts of Total Drama girls, so of course they'll look unoriginal. Spoiler alert: Emerald will resemble Heather.

Fun Fact 1: I used the color scheme of Amy and Samey, save for the monocle, corset, and eyes. Oddly, the corset didn't exist until the 1550s.

Fun Fact 2: According to her debut RP, Ruby was inspired by Sapphire to come up with a creative punishment for female subjects. Since Ruby was unable to obtain rubber tree seeds, she decided to punish girls by turning them into erotic statues.

Fun Fact 3: The sculpting technique Ruby uses goes like this: 1. The subject is bound in a way Ruby deems fitting. 2. A bonnet is put over the girl's head. 3. The girl is put in a body cage. 4. A clay-like concrete is poured into the body cage. 5. The statue is left to dry. 6. The details are worked on, usually with a chisel tipped with silver. 7. Mages cast a spell similar to Sapphire's: eternal life is granted for the price of eternal lust.
OC Bio: Sapphire by Flashlight237
OC Bio: Sapphire
This isn't an OC I own 100%, but rather a shared OC between me and :iconchrome933: . This is basically a fictional Egyptian ruler named Sapphire (who prefers to be referred to her alias, She (which I pronounce "Shay"), whose appearance was basically described as being Egyptian!Lindsay, hence her similarities to Lindsay herself. Yeah, unoriginal design, I know, but what the heck?

Fun Fact 1: While her actual name is actually the Greek word for sapphire, I simply went with Sapphire for the sake of having others understand her name.

Fun Fact 2: According to my RPs with Chrome933, Sapphire was mythologically known for being the first submissive to use rubber BDSM restraints. It was likely that aliens planted the rubber trees in Sapphire's part of Egypt since in real life, rubber is indigenous in the Americas, which was an unknown land at those times.

Fun Fact 3: The mummification technique Sapphire uses goes like this: 1. The subject is laid on a table with her hands over her nether regions. 2. A rubber ball is put in the subject's mouth, and a rubber cap is placed over her head (any dangling hair gets stuffed into the cap). 3. The subject is wrapped in one or two layers of bandages dipped in a special resin that will only come off with mineral water. 4. A potion granting eternal life and libido is rubbed onto the subject's body (in order to prevent suffocation) 5. The subject is wrapped in rubber matching the subject's eye color. 6. The subject is left in the sun or under a torch so the latex wrappings could weld together in a form of seamless cocoon. 7. The subject is put in a sarcophagus-shaped mold. 8. Liquid latex that matches the subject's eye color is poured into the mold, thus rendering the subject immobile. 9. The sarcophagus is decorated depending on the subject's social class.

Update: Added relationship with Ruby and the other "Bondage Rulers". They have names based on Pokemon versions (such as Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow)
Anne Maria's Egyptian Misfortune (2 Variants) by Flashlight237
Anne Maria's Egyptian Misfortune (2 Variants)
So yeah, I was thinking about drawing Anne Maria due to the lack of Anne Maria fanart in my gallery. Really, the majority of my works contain either Gwen, Courtney, Heather, Lindsay, Bridgette or Zoey, so yeah. I was originally going to do some Rule 34 of Annie, but since I haven't drew a peril pic in a while, I decided to do that instead. Basically, Anne Maria is being mummified and pulled into a sarcophagus along with her hairspray for some reason. Maybe the sarcophagus or whoever was controlling it thought the can was a bird offered as food.

Update: There's an alternate version uploaded.: Anne Maria's Egyptian Misfortune Gagged Version
Update: Another alt.: Anne Maria's Egyptian Misfortune Fully Wrapped V.


Oldman from Bitsytalk
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:bulletred: Anime and Nigh-Realistic/Realistic Styles (such as DC, Marvel, Image Comics, Filmation, etc.)
:bulletred: Yaoi (I'm not interested in Dude x Dude business really.)
:bulletred: Covered-Up Nudity (Lingerie/Swimwear is excluded from this rule)
:bulletred: Japanese Attempts at Nigh-Realism (such as Final Fantasy)
:bulletred: Songpics that Have Me Try To Match People's Personalities. (Seriously, I SUCK at music analysis unless if it's something I've listened to that's not a love song)
:bulletred: Homestuck, My Little Pony, Twilight, Harry Potter, and Hunger Games.
:bulletred: GID. Click here to see why.
:bulletred: South-Park-style. (Too simple)
:bulletred: Diapers (If Urine or Feces is Involved) (I'm working towards tolerating diaper art, but bodily fluids are still disgusting)
:bulletred: Celebrities


:bulletyellow: Anthro bondage.
:bulletyellow: Panty and Stocking (Might need to figure out how the style and perspective works together.)

Favourite style of art: Anything as long as it's not photography or literature
Favourite cartoon character: The Ice King




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