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With Love by DecaffeinatedGeorgie

After somewhat thorough inspection with GIMP, I've encountered very few problems in the animation. It was quite phenomenal for a first ...

My Dream Look by FreakyGothChick

I noticed that critiques are now offered for free, so I would like to see if this is true by reviewing your piece. 1. The left arm (Whi...

TD Lindsay - Natural Beauty by Striddums

I admire the summer taste applied in this deviation, but there are a few things you need to consider.: 1. Truth be told, Lindsay is pro...

Daemon and Lauren: Werewolves by Loloflorio

I may have done a few critiques, but this one is one heck of a tough cookie to inspect. Here's what you may want to consider.: 1. I see...

Is twenty-two pages of script worth twenty-two pages of paragraph writing? If not, how much is it worth?

Which of my Stories Do You Like Most? 

14 deviants said Total Drama Universal Restraints Inn (collab)
8 deviants said The Many Fetishes of Gwen
4 deviants said The Legend of Bondage
No deviants said Rebirth (One-Shot)
No deviants said Twincestious Love/Sensual Love Between Twins
No deviants said Operation: T.R.I.N.A

Which Total Drama Revenge of the Island Girl Should Compete in TDURI3? Note: Staci is Already In (Teaser Image...) 

19 deviants said Zoey
17 deviants said Dawn
8 deviants said Anne Maria
8 deviants said Dakota
5 deviants said Jo

Which Total Drama Mother Should Compete in TDURI3? 

12 deviants said Heather's Mother (Girl on the right in this pic.:… )
9 deviants said Gwen's Mother (… )
4 deviants said Duncan's Mother (Right side of this pic.:… )
4 deviants said Sierra's Mother (… )
3 deviants said DJ's Mother (… )
3 deviants said Kelsey's Mother (Adorable blonde girl in this pic:… )
No deviants said Owen's Mother (… )
No deviants said Cameron's Mother (… )

Which Total Drama Pahkitew Island Girl Should Compete in TDURI3? Note: Sugar is Already In 

12 deviants said Jasmine
11 deviants said Amy
10 deviants said Sky
8 deviants said Scarlett
6 deviants said Ella
4 deviants said Samey

Which Total Drama Island Girl Should Compete in TDURI3? Note: Heather, Lindsay, and Blaineley are Already In 

14 deviants said Gwen
10 deviants said Bridgette
10 deviants said Courtney
8 deviants said Beth
7 deviants said Izzy
3 deviants said Eva
2 deviants said Katie
2 deviants said Sierra
1 deviant said Leshawna
1 deviant said Sadie


Artwork (Note Me First)
I'm Gonna Bust Some Ghosts for Gwen! by Flashlight237
Asylum Patient Lindsay by Flashlight237
Preview: Heather's Latex Caterpillar by Flashlight237
Diapered Gwen by Flashlight237
I do a variety of stuff, mostly for the Total Drama series and art style. If you plan on commissioning me, either hold your points until I get your commission done or use the donation box instead. Seriously, I cannot give full refunds if people use this widget.

Note: The price listed is for colored pictures regardless of whether a background is used or not. The examples provided are pieces made for various target audiences.

Note: Once again... Don't. Touch. This. Widget. Use. The. Donation. Box.


Horatio Makes An Announcement by Flashlight237
Horatio Makes An Announcement
And here's the third part. Horatio decides to taunt Tristan (The-Ultra-Violet's OC) and his friends through a sponge and a radio announcement. In doing so, Horatio reveals Adrian's (TotalDramaWTF's OC) location to the contestants. That guy does not know when to quit. What have they been feeding him? Call of Duty soup?

This is Part 2 of my vision of the challenge's ending. Part 1 is over here.:…
One More Sin, One Less Robot by Flashlight237
One More Sin, One Less Robot
Here's a little something I was thinking about. While holding Adrian (TotalDramaWTF's OC) in captivity, Horatio decides that HOAP (one of TILLTY's many OCs) was no longer needed. Changing into his dark form, Horatio walks out of the controller room and confronts HOAP at the hotel's hallway. Dictating the challenge to be over, Horatio charges up a lightning orb and fires it at HOAP. The orb would not kill HOAP; it will instead turn her into an essence of the sin Wrath. After HOAP became the energy Horatio desires, Horatio absorbs the sin into his system, leaving only Envy, Greed, and Pride. "Well..," Horatio said. "I wonder what I got..." Horatio cast a tornado the size of a coffee mug in his hand. "Well, air it is..." Horatio went back into the control room, waiting for the right moment to reveal the truth.
Vacuumed Love by Flashlight237
Vacuumed Love
So yeah, here's something I wanted to try with Total Drama's girls. Here, Lindsay and Heather are put in vacbeds next to each other. I never drew vacbeds before, so it's worth a shot.

Fun Fact 1: Lindsay and Heather are both blushing; Lindsay's blush is just hidden underneath the rubber.

Fun Fact 2: The grey color of Heather's vacbed was suggested (though with a question mark at the end) by Shennanigma during a Skype conversation. I originally planned violet.
Which of my Stories Do You Like Most?
14 deviants said Total Drama Universal Restraints Inn (collab)
8 deviants said The Many Fetishes of Gwen
4 deviants said The Legend of Bondage
No deviants said Rebirth (One-Shot)
No deviants said Twincestious Love/Sensual Love Between Twins
No deviants said Operation: T.R.I.N.A


Oldman from Bitsytalk
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What I Do:

:bulletgreen: Western Animation Styles
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:bulletgreen: Pin-Ups
:bulletgreen: Full-On Nudity and Toplessness
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:bulletgreen: OCs
:bulletgreen: Practically anything that comes to mind.

What I Don't Do:

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:bulletred: Anime and Nigh-Realistic/Realistic Styles (such as DC, Marvel, Image Comics, Filmation, etc.)
:bulletred: Yaoi (I'm not interested in Dude x Dude business really.)
:bulletred: Covered-Up Nudity (Lingerie/Swimwear is excluded from this rule)
:bulletred: Japanese Attempts at Nigh-Realism (such as Final Fantasy)
:bulletred: Songpics that Have Me Try To Match People's Personalities. (Seriously, I SUCK at music analysis unless if it's something I've listened to that's not a love song)
:bulletred: Homestuck, My Little Pony, Twilight, Harry Potter, and Hunger Games.
:bulletred: GID. Click here to see why.
:bulletred: South-Park-style. (Too simple)
:bulletred: Diapers (If Urine or Feces is Involved) (I'm working towards tolerating diaper art, but bodily fluids are still disgusting)
:bulletred: Celebrities


:bulletyellow: Anthro bondage.
:bulletyellow: Panty and Stocking (Might need to figure out how the style and perspective works together.)

Favourite style of art: Anything as long as it's not photography or literature
Favourite cartoon character: The Ice King

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You spelt "Grojband" right. I've seen all 26 episodes (there are two segments in each), and I highly recommend Grojband. If you're looking for a few episodes, it's over here:…
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