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Total Drama Artwork (Note Me First)
Total Drama art is my specialty. For a mere thirty points, you can get a piece of Total Drama art. It could be normal stuff, or it could be art of one of your fetishes. Any fetish would work as long as it's not bestiality, blood and gore, or death. Seriously, I stated that Lindsay was cut down in the description of that controversial Lindsay pic (far right).
Total Drama One-Shot (Note Me First; Multi-Chapter Tales Cost 20 Points/Chapter)
I also do TD fanfiction for a small price. It could be normal stuff, or it could be writing of one of your fetishes. Any fetish would work as long as it's not bestiality, blood and gore, vore, furries, male submission (I don't like seeing men on the receiving end of kinks, thank you.), or death. Seriously, I stated that Lindsay was cut down in the description of that controversial Lindsay pic (far right).

Also, don't expect me to write tragedies. I prefer to let the Total Drama characters live positive lives.

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Hey, folks. Flashlight237 here. I'm just letting y'all know that I just finished up Gwen's fetish story. Here's the whole thing.:

The Many Fetishes of Gwen CH1: Step into Fetishism
The Many Fetishes of Gwen CH2: A Motherly Slave
The Many Fetishes of Gwen CH3: Like a Leonard
The Many Fetishes of Gwen CH4: My Pet Bridgette
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The Many Fetishes of Gwen CH6: Goth Girl of Folsom
The Many Fetishes of Gwen CH7: Claustrophilia
The Many Fetishes of Gwen CH8A: Padded Playtime
The Many Fetishes of Gwen CH9: Capital Masochism
The Many Fetishes of Gwen End: A Lovely Vacation

And just in case...:…

With that aside, allow me to give credit where its due.

HellfireShadow for the idea of the ABDL chapter.
ZetaRESP for Universal Restraints Inn and URI-related stuff.
abused-toy for helping me write a realistic hanging for Chapter 9.
An anonymous RPer for the RP that was used to make Chapter 9.

And... Pretty much that's all I could think of. So yeah, there you have it. I hope you enjoy reading it.


This video sums up my reaction to Pikachu actually talking in Detective Pikachu:…
I Wanna Be Famously Submissive Remix'd (Part 2)
So yeah, here's the next part of the Total Drama straitjacket design set. Here's the last part:

In this set, we have these designs from left to right: Dakota, Dave, Dawn, Devin, DJ, Duncan, Dwayne, Dwayne Jr, Ella, Ellody, Emma, Ennui, Eva, Ezekiel, Geoff, and Gerry.

Fun Fact 1: I sometimes believed that my TD straitjacket designs, complexity-wise, felt like metalzaki's 2013 "Gone Crazy" designs, though I looked at his and found that he did not really use creative designs on straitjackets too often (I think the last one was the Harley Quinn thing.).

Fun Fact 2: I felt that the Geoff design was the most sexual of the sets. Try imagining a woman wearing this outfit:…
That would probably show her midriff.
Hey, folks. Flashlight237 here. I'm just letting y'all know that I just finished up Gwen's fetish story. Here's the whole thing.:

The Many Fetishes of Gwen CH1: Step into Fetishism
The Many Fetishes of Gwen CH2: A Motherly Slave
The Many Fetishes of Gwen CH3: Like a Leonard
The Many Fetishes of Gwen CH4: My Pet Bridgette
The Many Fetishes of Gwen CH5: The Foot Chapter
The Many Fetishes of Gwen CH6: Goth Girl of Folsom
The Many Fetishes of Gwen CH7: Claustrophilia
The Many Fetishes of Gwen CH8A: Padded Playtime
The Many Fetishes of Gwen CH9: Capital Masochism
The Many Fetishes of Gwen End: A Lovely Vacation

And just in case...:…

With that aside, allow me to give credit where its due.

HellfireShadow for the idea of the ABDL chapter.
ZetaRESP for Universal Restraints Inn and URI-related stuff.
abused-toy for helping me write a realistic hanging for Chapter 9.
An anonymous RPer for the RP that was used to make Chapter 9.

And... Pretty much that's all I could think of. So yeah, there you have it. I hope you enjoy reading it.

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Everyone needs a vacation, and frankly, it was about time I took one. What is your idea of a vacation? A summer at a tropical resort? A visit to faraway family members that you barely see? A trip to a state park or a national landmark? How about a 5-star hotel in a remote area where guests freely explore their kinks? The last item I listed was what my mom and I thought about when we first went to Universal Restraints Inn.
Universal Restraints Inn opened up, surprisingly, on April 21, 2010, long after the last chapters of my story took place. I had my first experiences of BDSM and role-playing before Total Drama was recorded. Between Total Drama Action and Total Drama World Tour, I had some sexy time with Bridgette and had my feet tickled and played with by my mom. Between Total Drama World Tour and Total Drama Revenge of the Island, I've been taken to a fetish festival, experienced complete encasement in canvas for a month, wore diapers while being babysat by Heather, and choked on a noose until near death. Chapters 6-9 took place just shortly after Total Drama World Tour; heck, I've been hanged for the first time on January 21, 2009. Between the day I've first choked on a noose and the day U.R.I opened, I pretty much spent my time doing schoolwork and making pornos with my mom. You know, the usual.
I didn't get the chance to visit Universal Restraints Inn the day it opened, mainly because it was opened in a then-secret location. From what I've heard, the concept of a bondage hotel was first situated at the coast, but it had to move inland because delinquents committed all sorts of heinous acts against the inn. Because of it, the company had to move to a place that would be kept hidden from delinquents. I guess that's why it took so long for me to even consider going there.
Anyway, after Universal Restraints Inn opened, I was still willing to do the usual; however, during Episode 9 of Total Drama Revenge of the Island (which also took place in 2010). I was buried in a treasure chest with Sam aka Farticus. Man, that was a grueling experience. I knew I needed a vacation ASAP. Luckily, Chris was arrested for endangering the health of dozens of people, including the health of the 13 contestants who participated in the competition during the season. He was imprisoned for a year before getting paroled and returning to Total Drama for its fifth season: Total Drama All Stars.
With that aside, Universal Restraints Inn is quite a strange hotel. You'd think that with a name like that, Universal Restraints Inn would be a hotel where kinksters communicate with other kinksters like any other R&R location, but Universal Restraints Inn is a whole different experience. It's pretty much one big roleplaying scenario with all the features of a 5-star hotel stuffed into one nine-story mansion. Pretty much, the way things are set up, you're met with a pack of mental hospital workers or dungeon guards depending on whether you choose the Angel Wing or the Daemon Wing respectively. Everything else is basically self-explanatory, but I'll tell you my experience anyway.
On Christmas Eve, my mom and I wanted to spend Christmas elsewhere. We sat on the couch watching a Christmas-themed lesbian porno with each other.
“So... Where do you wanna go this Christmas, Gwen?” My mom asked.
“Hmm... How about a ski resort?”
“No; we've been there last year.”
“Maybe we could... Visit grandma over at Winnipeg?”
“Maybe we can--”
“No, Gwen. Bridgette's spending Christmas with Blaineley.”
I sighed. As soon as the commercials came on, Mom and I saw something peculiar. “I've never seen that commercial before.”
“Me either...”
In the commercial, mom and I saw Ira Spooner wearing an afro. I guess it a wig that he had at the time.
“Hello,” Ira said. “My name's Ira Spooner, owner of Universal Restraints Inc, and I'm here to show you my new project,” Ira snapped his fingers, which triggered the screen behind him to power on, showing a slide-show of the inn. The first slide depicted the palace in which the inn was situated in along with the Inn's logo. “Behold, the Universal Restraints Inn: the newest vacation idea for the lovers of kinky stuff.” The slideshow switched to a set of slides of the Angel Wing one at a time. “At the Angel Wing of the Inn, you'll be kindly treated and softly restrained by our assistants and nurses. Bondage lovers will be pleased to play inmates in our snug, comfy cell rooms, within a high-security landscape primarily designed to fulfill your fantasies and conceal your identities from unwanted meddlers. You'll even be able to practice sports and enjoy a moderate range of freedom... If you behave well.” Ira winked to the camera. “But if you prefer something harder...” As soon as Ira snapped his fingers, the slideshow switched to a set of slides showing the Daemon Wing. “Then you may like the Daemon Wing, which was designed for those who wish to meet the elusive edge between pleasant pain and unwanted suffering. Our dominatrices and riggers will ensure that your stay will be as painful and pleasant as possible without leaving the fantasy. They're specially trained to give you the one-way ticket to that elusive edge without letting you pass into the other side. Our facilities are full of new and exclusive torture devices that, ironically, may bring you pleasure...” Ira smirked, knowing that the Daemon Wing was known for its devious ways. “As you see, in U.R.I, we're in touch with Heaven and Hell,” The screen goes off at the snap of Ira's fingers. “I'm sure you'll enjoy a special holiday at our place whether you're alone or with a partner.”
The camera then turned to a pair of bound girls. The girl on the left is a redhead with a defiant glare on her face. She was wearing a leather catsuit with a built-in armbinder, and shackles hold her feet in a tight embrace while restricting her movement. Lastly, a tight, harnessed ball-gag fills her mouth to block her speech. The restraints are padlocked, ensuring that they're secured on her body. The girl on the right, on the other hand, is a brunette bearing a pleasant expression on her face, if one could judge her expression by the look in her eyes. Her restraints are basically upgraded asylum gear. A white straitjacket embraces her body in a self-tight hug while a set of leg-cuffs cling to her white pants. Lastly, a Lecter mask (at least that's how many people would refer to asylum masks) is placed on her face, only that there isn't a mouth opening on it.
Ira approached the girls, then stood between them as he ends his speech. “Two sides of the coin,” Ira said. “Two options. Two different worlds. Which would you rather be?” Ira turns to his left and gently strokes the brunette's hair, much to her enjoyment. “An angel..,” Afterwards, Ira turns to the redhead and firmly holds her face by the chin, much to her chagrin. “Or a Daemon?”
As the commercial drew, the phone number of the Inn and the website for Universal Restraints Inc. appeared on the screen under the Inn's logo.
“Uh... Gwen?” My mom asked. “I think I know where to go.”
“Me too...”
I called up the Inn and waited for an answer. Sure enough, the receptionist answered the phone rather quickly. Talk about quality of service.
“Hey, you've reached Universal Restraints Inn. How may I help you?”
“My mom and I would like to spend Christmas Eve at your hotel. Book us in for the Angel Wing, okay?”
“Okay then. We'll be right over.”
As soon as we hung up, I heard the doorbell ring. I thought Pizza Hut came to your doorstep as fast as lightning; a five-star hotel's now doing it? I answered the door and saw a couple bulky men dressed as orderlies standing in front of me. “Already?” I asked.
You'd expect burly men like the orderlies I met up with to move rather sluggishly, but that was far from the reality. The men stripped us so quickly we could barely react. Soon, my mom and I were quickly bound in winter-y restraints. We were outfitted with thick red straitjackets, both bearing fluffy sleeves, a fluffy collar, and a fluffy bottom. Detachable skirts were attached to our straitjackets. Not long after, the men bound our legs in ankle cuffs. The men tightened the straps around the knees of our skirts, turning them into hobble skirts. Our heads were outfitted with what looked to be Siberian thermal hats, which were then outfitted with thick muzzle gags. To add to the fantasy, we were blindfolded by red sleep masks.
“I'm glad you girls can join us, Gwen and Megan,” said a random woman. “Christmas is a special time of the year. Oh, and welcome to Universal Restraints Inn.”
Though I now know that the woman was a worker dressed as a nurse, I didn't know who she was or why she's at my house. We were taken to a limousine, or at least I'm sure it was a limousine. I saw some Angel Wing workers taking Bridgette for a ride in a limousine, though at the time, I thought Bridgette got kidnapped until I spoke with her mother about Bridgette's situation. I didn't see anyone else go to the Inn, so unless I missed somebody, Bridgette may as well be the first Total Drama contestant to go to the Inn.
After a ride that lasted about a half an hour give or take, we heard the sound of the limo's door opening. My mom and I were escorted out of the limo and into the hotel. Once we were inside, our blindfolds were removed. Before our eyes, we saw Ira Spooner leaning against the wall of the lobby.
“Gwen and Megan,” Ira replied. “I see you decided to celebrate Christmas here at the Inn. Luckily for you, it is the first Christmas we ever had at the Inn. With that aside, the Angel Wing was the perfect choice for people who want to relax with their mates on Christmas. I hope you enjoy your stay.”
Soon, my mom and I were blindfolded once more. We were taken to a washroom. As soon as everything was taken off, we looked left and right and saw a variety of guests, male and female, getting cleaned up. Soon, a few girls dressed as nurses began cleaning the two of us up. They made sure our bodies were cleaned up really well, though they did get in our holes while cleaning up. Once we were clean, we were bound once again. This time, however, we were both bound in soft canvas straitjackets that have holes similar to those found on the chests of keyhole sweaters. Our feet were then put in ballet boots. As soon as we're ready, the nurses blindfolded us and took us to a hotel suite.
As soon as the blindfolds were taken off, we were treated to a luxury, albeit padded, suite. There was a single queen-size bed for my mom and I to share. We were in one of the suites that are situated within the hotel rather than along the edge, so we didn't get a rubber-shielded balcony or a terrace. Regardless, we also have a 46-inch widescreen TV, a dining table, and a large remote pad on the floor. I can safely assume that the remote pad was meant to be used by our feet, much like those DDR pads. On the other side of the suite, there was a hot tub with rubber lining, a living room, and what looks to be a table for those who wish to play cards. I don't know how anyone in the hotel could play cards here, I mean card games are one of the most popular social interactions in hotels. There are a huge variety of card games, including Go Fish, Crazy 8s, Poker, Euchre, and Magic the Gathering.
“So, what would you like for dinner?” I asked.
“Some roast ham would be great, Gwen,” My mom replied.
“Thank you.” I pressed the power button on the remote pad, which surprisingly turned the TV on. I didn't think foot-based pads would actually be used as working remotes. I then pressed the button that had the Inn's logo on it. The button, of course, brought up the hotel menu. The menu had six different items. Meals, Fitness, Recreation, Hygiene and Medical Services, Special, and Other. I checked the “Meals” option and, right then and there, I saw turkey and ham among the specials. The ham meal in the special comes with corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, and dinner rolls. The meal also said that it serves two people. I ordered the meal for the two of us.
“Got us the special, Gwen?”
“Yes, mom.”
“Aww... How nice of you...” My mom kissed me on the cheek.
As soon as I left the “Meals” menu, I checked the other menu options. The “Fitness” option had options for gymnasium and aquatic activities. The “Recreation” option had stuff like pet walks, ponygirl races, and, oddly enough, card games. The “Hygiene and Medical Services” option offers assistance for bathing and relieving yourself along with basic treatment. The “Special” option has options such as traveling, sports, and events. Lastly, the “Other” option has some miscellaneous stuff in it.
“Wow..,” My mom mused. “This place has so many things to offer.”
Soon, our Christmas meal has arrived. A pair of nurses escorted us to the dining table. Once we were sat down, we were treated to our meal; however, I noticed one small problem. “How can we eat?” I asked the nurses.
If my mom and I were in the Daemon Wing, we'd probably care less about etiquette considering the way it runs, but at the Angel Wing, do you really expect us to each like pigs at a trough? Sure enough, one of the nurses cut up a bite-sized piece of ham, forked it, and moved it to my mouth. I paused for a moment, wondering what that was all about. I soon took the piece into my mouth and chewed it up. I have to admit, I should have expected the nurses to feed us since my mom and I have been fed like that while dressed as asylum patients; then again, I might have been carried away since Universal Restraints Inn is a certified five-star hotel.
As soon as we finished our meal, my mom and I were taken out of our chairs. Considering that we came here at night, we didn't bother with any of the hotel's activities. Instead, we just got on the bed.
“Enjoying this place, Gwen?” My mom asked.
I chuckled. “Indeed I am, mom.”
“So... Wanna have sex while we're still up?”
“Sure thing, mom.” I laid down, waiting for my mom to do me.
My mom got on top of me and began making out with me. We shared one heck of a French kiss with each other. To make things sexier, we began grinding against each other. Our moans were music to our ears. We didn't stop making out with each other until we both came.
“Wow... That was so kinky...” I said, panting.
Soon, a nurse entered our suite. In her left hand, the nurse had a ball gag with two pairs of straps rather than one. The nurse approached us with a smirk on her face. The nurse gagged me, then strapped the gag up. She then put my mom's face against mine before using the other pair of straps to secure her against my face. The gag was soon padlocked. “I hope you enjoy being with each other.” The nurse unstrapped our arms. Our arms were then strapped to each other's bodies, making it look like we're hugging each other. “Good night, girls.”
Gmmd nmmght,” we replied.
Soon, the nurse left our suite. As for us, my mom and I made out with each other until we fell asleep; it was definitely a kinky way go to sleep.
On Christmas morning, my mom woke up, still in our loving embrace.
“Gmmd mrrning, mum,” I said.
“Gmmd mrrning, Gwnn.”
My mom and I made out with each other once again. I have to say, mother-daughter sex never gets old, especially when said mother and daughter are as sexy as Playboy cover models. Soon, a nurse walked in on our makeout session.
“Hey, girls,” the nurse called out. “I hope you enjoyed your night.” The nurse approached us, then ungagged us. “Look to my left.”
My mom and I turned to the side of our shared hotel bed and saw a couple wrapped gift boxes: one red and one green. The red box has my mom's name on it while the green box had my name on it; however, both boxes said “From: Mrs Claus.” Peculiar... We got on the ground and unwrapped our boxes with our teeth. As soon as we opened them, we saw a peculiar bundle of canvas. “What is that?” I questioned.
The nurse pulled the canvas out of my box and unfolded it, revealing it to be a straitjacket based off my clothes. Yep: a real Gwen straitjacket. Also in our boxes, we had more canvas bundles; one being a straitjacket based off my mom's clothes and a straitjacket based off Bridgette's swimsuit. Apparently, Ira watched the Total Drama series and became inspired to make a line of Total Drama straitjackets. Other than that, we got pieces of paper: invitations to testing out some URI products before leaving. Hotels have a check-out rule in which we must check out by 2 PM, so we accepted the testing deal.
My mom and I were taken out of our suite and out of the Angel Wing. We were soon taken to an elevator. The elevator went down... 50 floors?! Yes, there are at least 50 basements, though with how the elevator didn't hit any ground even at such a fast crawl, I can probably guess that there are around 100 basements. The elevator opened up and we heard, well, moaning.
“Welcome to Maximum Security, Gwen and Megan. Please, allow me to escort you...” The nurse did just that; the nurse escorted us down the hall of the Maximum Security facility.
While following the nurse, I saw a cell with an open hatch. Upon looking through the hatch, the cell seemed to be little more than an 8x8 (2.44x2.44 for metric users) padded cell. As soon as we met up with Ira, he greeted us.
“So, what are we testing for Christmas, Ira?” I asked.
“Well,” Ira answered. “Today is the last day of a one-month testing period of a straitjacket suit I plan on incorporating to this facility. The suit only has three forms at the moment. Go on. Try them on.”
Several nurses started binding us in the suits Ira wanted to test. Nowadays, the suit worn by Maximum Security prisoners are orange, but back then, the suits were white. White Maximum Security suits are still being made along with the orange and black models. I guess they're keeping up with the theme of the hotel. Anyway, we were put into the thick, built in canvas pants of the suit before the nurses put us in the jackets of the suits. Once the jackets themselves were strapped up, our arms were put through the triple loops in front before being secured in place. Soon, built-in blindfold harnesses were put over our eyes, rendering us sightless. The nurses put the suits' apron-like cover over our bodies. The apron-like covers were actually thickly-padded transport jackets with detachable full-enclosure hoods. The hoods themselves had plug gags, which were fitted into our mouths. Finally, hobble-skirts was unrolled from the belts, then attached to our suits' ankle cuffs.
I have to admit, full-enclosure bondage in what felt like ten kilograms of canvas was quite an interesting experience. My mom and I struggled in our suits and, sure enough, they were very secure.
“Ah.. It seems the suits still held strong... Now... Let's see if you can make the suits transform.”
“Mkmm,” my mom and I ubiquitously replied.
My mom and I tried to figure out how to get the suits to transform, preferably something rather light. Sure enough, it took only thought to transform our suits into Zero Suits.
“That's what I like to call 'Minimum Mode.' They bear a striking resemblance to Samus's Zero Suit.”
“Wow...” My mom and I marveled upon our suits.
“Now, try the other form.”
“Okay...” My mom and I thought about bondage and, sure enough, our suits were transformed into hoods with mouth openings, straitjackets, and pairs of ankle cuffs.
“That's 'Looney Mode',” Ira explained. “It was designed to make you look like patients of an asylum.”
“Wow... No wonder why we feel like we're all tied up.” I let out a laugh.
“Now... Care to do some modeling?” Ira asked. “Erica and Aura are spending Christmas with their families, so I need a couple substitutes.”
“Sure thing,” my mom and I replied.
Ira whipped out a camera. Soon, Ira started taking pictures of us in the suits. My mom and I posed in the three forms the suit had at the time. After that, we modeled in a few other products: specifically the Tickle Suit (a full-body catsuit that makes the entire body ticklish), the Pose Suit (a marble-colored full-body catsuit that numbs the muscles and turns you into a posable statue), and the Total Drama straitjackets we got from the box.
My mom and I were once again bound in the winter-y straitjackets we were brought in. The restraints we modeled in and earned as Christmas gifts were given to us for the travel back home. When we got back home, boy, were we in for a surprise.
“Mom? Gwen?” A voice, that of my brother, called. “What happened to you?” My brother untied us, which, of course, ended up exposing our naked bodies.
“I was dominated by Heather,” I answered.
“I had overtime at work,” my mom followed.
My brother was initially suspicious, but in the end, he accepted our excuses. After that, me and my family celebrated Christmas together. My brother got Sonic Generations and plenty of other games while my mom and I got more sexy bondage toys. It was a wonderful Christmas for everyone, and frankly, my mom and I would like to go back to Universal Restraints Inn again some day.
Well, that's my story, people. I hope you enjoyed my many fetishes.

The End
The Many Fetishes of Gwen End: A Lovely Vacation
So yeah, here's the final chapter of The Many Fetishes of Gwen. After dealing with a variety of kinks, Gwen and Megan decided to take a vacation on Christmas Eve. Of all the places, Gwen and Megan went to ZetaRESP's Universal Restraints Inn, which is a fetish hotel.

Fun Fact 1: Originally, this chapter was gonna come after the ABDL chapter, but I then decided on adding erotic asphyxiation to the mix, which had to be put after ABDL due to its nature. Either way, this chapter was meant to be the finale.

Fun Fact 2: The straitjackets used to bind Gwen and Megan before they're taken to the inn are actually these things:…
I honestly have no clue if they're really based on Siberian winter wear, but it was the best style of winter wear I can think of.
Who else has a feeling that Josee was pulled out of a mental institute prior to the Ridonculous Race?


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:bulletred: Homestuck, My Little Pony, Twilight, Harry Potter, and Hunger Games.
:bulletred: GID. Click here to see why.
:bulletred: South-Park-style. (Too simple)
:bulletred: Diapers (If Urine or Feces is Involved) (I'm working towards tolerating diaper art, but bodily fluids are still disgusting)
:bulletred: Celebrities


:bulletyellow: Anthro bondage.
:bulletyellow: Panty and Stocking (Might need to figure out how the style and perspective works together.)

Favourite style of art: Anything as long as it's not photography or literature
Favourite cartoon character: The Ice King

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Suriously we havent continued the Rp lets continue it
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Wanna continue that heather RP
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Turns out I got a lot of work to this this weekend so here you go
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Thanks for the fav and watch :D
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I just did. Sorry; it must've slipped my mind.
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